About Us

Halloween Hooligans is a fun event allowing you to become involved in selecting which Halloween costumes some of Batavia's finest will wear this Halloween.

Each of our volunteer Hooligans has three costume choices. Your vote decides which character they will become!! Your monetary votes also help raise funds for the Batavia Arts Council for grant and scholarships to be awarded next year. In addition, each participant is playing for a charity of their choosing. Those charities will each received 20% of the revenue raised by their sponsoring participant. The one participant raising the MOST revenue will receive an additional 10% of the entire net profit raised to give to their charity.

Batavia Arts Council is a 501(c)3 charity orginization.

2021 Season

Voting Closed

Our season is over, thank you everyone!

Special Thanks!

Special thanks to All Dressed Up for providing the costumes for this wonderful event!